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Slánú Stroke Rehab

Slánú Stroke Rehab is a rehabilitation service that specialises in training of the hand and arm after stroke. We enable you to understand your own individual difficulties and work to design and implement your personalised training plan.

The service is offered by an occupational therapist (OT) and exercise therapist after a person has been discharged home from the hospital or inpatient rehabilitation unit.

Slánú Stroke Rehab supports stroke survivors and their families to continue to learn about their brain injury and how to modify their home environment to allow for a successful rehabilitation space. Our ambitions, both enterprise and clinical, focus on a person centred model where our clients (the stroke survivor and their family) and their goals for rehabilitation are realised and actualised.

We provide access to ongoing, intensive, upper limb therapy to allow stroke survivors continue their rehabilitation at home after discharge from hospital.

Our service supports the individual with in-person and on-line rehabilitation. Covid had forced us to shift to tele-rehab and this has proven to be a great way to provide our services to more people all over Ireland. Tele-rehab is convenient and effective for our clients. Using the internet allows more frequent and intensive therapy that may not be possible by in-person contact.

Slanu Stroke Rehab

Slánú’s assistance has enabled Mary to resume her gardening and Paul to cycle again.

About Slánú Stroke Rehab

Slánú Stroke Rehab, a national not-for-profit organisation, was established in Kerry in 2016. Slánú is the Irish word for healing and we achieve this through our engagement with stroke survivors to enable their recovery. Slánú is the only service of its kind in Ireland that is dedicated to upper limb stroke rehabilitation within the community. Slánú is governed by a board of directors with backgrounds in medicine, stroke survival, the voluntary sector and business. Staff are clinical only and are paid industry-standard wages; the directors receive no payment or compensation of any sort.

Download our annual report here and our strategic plan here >>

It is widely accepted in the medical community that continuing intensive rehabilitation allows for better results after discharge, regardless of age or time after stroke. While excellent stroke rehabilitation services are offered in the acute stage, this service is not offered at the same level in the community to discharged patients. Slánú Stroke Rehab provides the intensive service that is required and aims to demonstrate that the widespread provision of such services would bring significant public health benefits.

What is Upper Limb Rehabilitation?

Loss of ability to move or use one’s hand and arm can be devastating especially when the dominant side is affected leaving an individual dependent on others and unable to carry out even simple everyday tasks.

Slánú offers intensive programmes aimed at improving arm and hand abilities and increasing self-confidence. Our approach to rehabilitation is focused on regaining function through specialist coaching and personalised therapy. Our client-led programmes enables our clients to retrain their brain and recover function in their stroke-affected upper limb. In doing so, they develop their self-management skills leading to increased self-efficacy and independence in daily life.

Upper limb rehabilitation

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If you or a family member is interested in knowing more about Slánú Stroke Rehab please contact Susan Forde directly on 086 382 4134 or email info@slanu.org.

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