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Slánú Stroke Rehab

Slánú Stroke Rehab is a rehabilitation service that specialises in training of the hand and arm after stroke. We help you to work on improving your hand function by teaching you about your own individual difficulties and work to design and implement your personalised training plan.

The service is offered by an occupational therapist (OT) and exercise therapist after a person has been discharged home from the hospital or inpatient rehabilitation unit.

Slánú Stroke Rehab supports stroke survivors and their families to continue to learn about their brain injury and how to modify their home envirnoment to allow for a successful rehabilitation space.

We provide access to ongoing, intensive, community-based upper limb therapy to allow stroke survivors continue their rehabilitation at home after discharge.

Our service is a hybrid of home-based practice, on-site training and tele-rehabilitation and aims to support both clients and carers throughout the rehabilitation process.

About Slánú Rehab

Slánú Stroke Rehab CLG is a not for profit business set up by Susan Forde (OT) who saw the need for community stroke rehabilitation services for the upper limb. It is a registered charity (RCN 20157043).

It is widely accepted that continuing intensive rehabilitation allows for better results after discharge, regardless of age or time after stroke and while excellent stroke rehabilitation services are offered in the acute stage, this service is not offered at the same level in the community to discharged patients.
Slánú Stroke Rehab aims to bridge this gap in community stroke rehabilitation.


What is Upper Limb Rehabilitation?

Problems with arm and hand use (upper limb impairments) are very common after a stroke. 60 – 80% of people who suffer a stroke will have moderate to severe hand and arm disability.
Upper limb rehabilitation involves intensive arm and hand training while working closely with your assigned therapist. Research has shown that following a well defined and intensive rehabilitation programme allows for better results than following a less structured plan.
Each Slánú training programme is designed specifically with your agreed goals in mind and with a focus on improving confidence and quality of life.
Upper limb rehabilitation

Contact Us

If you or a family member is interested in knowing more about Slánú Stroke Rehab please contact Susan Forde directly on 086 382 4134 or email info@slanu.org.

We will continue to build our website with more information on the social enterprise and the work we do (methods, research,useful information for clients).

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